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Effects of Social Media on Marketing Communications

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Following a thorough examination of secondary research in the form of a literature review the author will proceed with the aim of analysing and accounting for the increasing popularity of online social media and the effect this has had on the way in which companies are communicating with consumers. The combination of understanding gained from the literature review with information gathered through primary research will enable the author to meet the following objectives.


1. To give an overview of what social media is and its increasing popularity

2. To show how individual needs are met through online social media with reference to academic models

3. To apply a case study to analyse how a particular fashion brand utilises social media

4. To evaluate the threat of blogs and social media to traditional media

These objectives will be met through conducting a case study on Topshop analysing the content of the social media channels they utilise. In addition to the case study a focus group, questionnaire and interview were chosen to enable further understanding and analysis therefore allowing the author to reach objectives.

2.0 Research Methodology

2.1 Amendment to Research Method

Upon further consideration it was decided a case study on a more accessible brand utilising social media would be of greater benefit to the project, Topshop was selected as a suitable brand for this purpose. A focus group has been selected in addition to case study, interview and questionnaire as this allows the author to gain a greater insight to consumer opinion as a questionnaire alone would not allow this opportunity to observe discussions about these marketing communications.

2.2 Case Study Methodology

The most effective method to analyse the way in which fashion brands are utilising social media as a marketing communication tool was deemed to be a case study approach as this allows the author to observe a brands activity in this area and go on to analyse the findings in a way allowing objectives to be met. The author has chosen a single case study as this is most appropriate, the aim of the case study is to analyse the way in which a particular fashion brand is utilising social media as a marketing communication channel. Single case designs are selected when the investigator has an opportunity to observe and analyse a phenomenon, Yin(2008). The case study will use content analysis as the main tool for research looking at the three social media channels Topshop utilise.

The author did not look at all marketing communication channels


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