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The Positive Effects of Social Media

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The Positive Effects of Social Media

Can you imagine a world where we do not have the ability to see our friends and families unless we meet them in person? A world where you cannot follow your friends, family or find the news you desire instantly. That would be a world without the internet, which would be a huge step back for us humans. The internet is what facilitates the use of social media websites which now play a big part of our world. There still are some people who argue that social media websites are a waste of time but this paper will show why the positives impacts are plenty and far better than the negatives. The majority of people who have logged in on social media websites will agree that they improved their life tremendously. The truth is that these websites can and do have a positive effect on many of us.

The two most popular social media websites are Facebook and Twitter. Yes, there are other websites that have been popular in the past such as MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, and many others. However, these other social media websites do not compare very well with the websites we will be looking at in this paper. It would only do Facebook and Twitter justice to spend a little time talking about these other websites and the reasons why people are wrong when they assume they are the same. There are a lot of people who refuse to use Facebook and even talk bad about it because they had tried MySpace and they did not like it. MySpace was inferior in many ways and is currently known as the bad neighborhood of social media websites. The site is slow, full of spyware, has security flaws, and is full of thousands upon thousands of spammer user accounts. It is also said that the website was a haven for child molesters and pedophiles. It is very easy to understand why many users who have used websites such as MySpace have developed hatred towards social media. Social media has changed and evolved though, and it continues to improve for the better on a regular basis.

There are two websites that have separated themselves from the pack and have really taken over the industry. One of the sites is Twitter, an information network site that brings people closer to what’s important to them. This website is a great place to stay current with the information you desire most and it is said to start the conversation going. Facebook, on the other hand is a social networking website that connects friends, family, and business associates like never before. Facebook and Twitter make it easy to keep in touch with friends, family, and even coworkers. Yes, there are other alternative ways to stay connected to people. Sure, you can still call and email other people. Also, recently with the emergence of websites such as Ventrilo and Skype you can easily video chat. But, there is no better way to have all the information in one place. Of course if you need to contact a professor you will email them, or if you want


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