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The Impact of Social Media When Building a Brand

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With the modern times and the evolution of the internet technologies, customers’ behaviors are being more complex to follow. Companies nowadays use modern marketing, they take advantage of the opportunities offered to them by the existence of social networks, which are effective in interacting with customers and entertain good terms with them, they may also help to gather consumers’ feedbacks and find ways to overcome the troubles they encounter with the brand. Furthermore, using social media as a marketing mean can permit to companies to limit the damages by silencing bad rumors and oppose bad reactions. Social media deliver several ways for organizations to connect with customers, and for all consumers to connect together. However, brands need to be careful not to fall into certain traps. They have to be aware of the inconvenience that may arise from using this new type of media.

Meehan and Barwise suggest that the best brands share four basic principles, and that social media can be a reliable tool to use in order to support these branding basics:

Deliver a clear and relevant customer promise: Once a customer engages with a company, he/she has more expectations, in terms of after sales services, new technologies, promotions, rewards… etc. Companies should then convey a clear and relevant customer promise. Besides, they should ensure to provide customers with relevant and authentic promises that are in their capacity and that they are willing to carry, if not customers end up by being frustrated to get fake promises and get tired of the brand. Ferrero, for example, distinguish itself from competitors by providing customers with unique hazelnut and cacao made products. Moreover, it offers to them luxurious products based by refined ingredients and have the merit to offer unequaled taste. Ferrero brand authenticity is based on its products uniqueness and its ability to procure the entire satisfactions to its consumers seeking for high nutritional values and unique taste. It created a page on Facebook to insist on the fact that customers get the right message and understood the promise conveyed.

Build trust by delivering on that promise: Another important aspect that companies most focus on, in order to reinforce their brand value, is building customer trust by always delivering on their promises, to sustain long-term relationships and gain customer loyalty. Successful businesses are the ones


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