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The Impact of Social Media on Youths and Business

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The Impact of Social Media on Youths and Business

1. Introduction                                                      

1.1 The definition of Social Media                                                       

"Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration." (Rouse, 2015). In other words, social Media is an information platform and tools to allow people to write,share, evaluate, discuss and communicate with each other online. At this stage, social media may mainly include Google, Facebook, Wechat, blog, BBS and so on.

1.2 Current Situation                                                          

We are now living in the age of information explosion, social media covers more and do better than the traditional one because It has a higher quality and extensive range. Developing technology industry makes smart phones or other devices become more common for everyone, which means individuals are able to access social media sites easier. At the same time, enterprises also makes use of social media to expand their business. In other words, human-beings now are totally relying on social media and they cannot live without it.

1.3 Research purpose                                                          

Indeed, Social media provides businesses with an extremely convenient and comfortable environment which increasing the utility of interaction. Nevertheless, it still exists some potential risks, resulting in negative effects on the individuals( especially for younger people) and the business. Thus, In our group project, we are expecting to fully understand and analyze both the positive and negative impact of the social media on youths and business by a specific case (Wechat). Also, according to the analysis, a main forecast of new trend will be shown at the end.

2. Social Media Impact on Youths                                      

Social media has become an essential part in people’s daily life, especially for youths. We can see almost all interactions take place on the social media sites. However, when we are immersed in our mobile devices, while ignoring other people’s talking, have we ever thought that social media is a bad thing for us? Thus, in the following paper, we will focus on social media impacts on youths in positive way and negative way.

2.1 Positive impact                                                      

Social media is a good tool which narrowing the distance between the youths. For instance, most young people prefer to communicate with friends on social network to enhance relationship. In addition, they can share their life experiences on Facebook and let all their on-line contacts can see. For the international students, video call becomes the only way that can solve the homesick problem. When they are talking to their parents “face-to-face”, social media can change such long distance to intangibility.


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