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The Usage and Impact of Social Media in Business

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The Usage and Impact of Social Media in Business


In the past decade, social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, are growing at a massive rate, having a tremendous number of users. Social media has unavoidably become a crucial part in the contemporary lives, specially is generally applied in business, for wide range of use like advertising, communications, analysis and providing broader services. Also, social media is changing how business performs. Lately, a study finds out about 80% of the customers are likely to increase their frequency in consumption in the future due to a product’s promotion through social media.

In this essay, the several usage of social media in business will be discussed. Then the impact on work-related outcomes will be listed, both the positive and negative impacts. Finally, there will be suggestion and conclusion based on the impacts.

Usage of social media in business

  1. Advertising

There are websites like Facebook and Twitter, which provides many opportunities for businesses to get customer attention and help building up brand image at the same time. There are lots of strategies businesses could adopt in order to achieve this, including creating profile for the businesses and products on social websites like Facebook and advertising through brinded apps.

2.  Increasing sales

Social media can be used to advertise for the business and by marketing through social media, businesses can increase sales as increased brand awareness. Besides, social media can be also used directly to drive customers to sales pipeline. For example, sellers can sell things to target customers who are not the yet become the brand’s fan using advertisement. One good thing about marketing through social media is it can be used to focus on particular group of customers, as it discloses the preference and interest of the customers, which allows the sellers to locate the group of target customers they want to sell their product to, and this helps the business to increase their sales significantly.

3.  Improve customer service

Social media is useful in look out over the business’s customers service. It is important for the businesses to get to their customers through the communication channel they prefer, even though it has departments and systems handling customers service issues. Businesses need to make sure they can help consumers by social media means as people like to raise questions using social media. Just like online shops, the customers tend to choose the one which is responsible to customer service as in case they have any problem, they are confident in getting help. Therefore, social media can help businesses to improve customers service and as a result build customer loyalty.


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