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Impact of Media Advertisement on Life Insurance with Reference to Coimbatore City

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The insurance industry is one of the fastest growing industries in our country.

Life insurance insures life through the long-term contract, while non-life insurance

ensures fixed and movable assets on short-term basis, normally on a one year renewable

term. Advertising plays a very important role in modern business. Due to excessive

specialization, mass production and competition, advertising has become an

indispensable activity in business. It is growing as a backbone of modern national

and international marketing. A study was conducted with the help of primary data

collected from 150 policyholders in Coimbatore city. The objectives of the study

were: i) To study about the awareness of life insurance advertisements in media, and

ii) To analyze the extent of penetration of life insurance and understand the reasons

behind choosing life insurance. The study found the respondents of Coimbatore city

preferring life insurance policy the most. They want the life insurance policies to

specially benefit the agriculturist, so as to improve their cost of living and standard.

They feel the government should take necessary steps to make life insurance policy

compulsory for every individual. Moreover, commercial channels are the best sources

for telecasting the life insurance advertisements.

Insurance is the backbone of country's risk management system. Man is exposed to risks


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