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Guinness – "rhythm of Life – Evolution" Advertisement Analysis

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Guinness – "Rhythm of Life – Evolution" Advertisement Analysis

Seeing vs. Hearing vs. Sensing

Seeing – The advert is very rich in terms of imagery. It shows evolution as a backward story from the point an organism feels disgusted with the quality of water available to it to the time modern man feels greatly relieved by the quality of Guinness Beer. The advert is a strong visual treat covering modern man to the stone age to the ice age right till the beginning of evolution. These are unexpected themes for a beer advert.

Hearing – Accompanying the visuals is a catchy jingle. The beats mirror the theme of the advert and also provide time to the activities happening on screen. The wordings "rhythm of life" drill into the consumer that the pace and style of life has been continuously changing and that any good that has come about has been due to man's quest for the best lager.

Sensing – From the first moment when relief is visible on the drinkers' faces to the last when disgust is visible on the organisms face it is strong on sensing too. It shows how evolution was spurred by the want of an organism to have something better to drink.

Personal Priorities

People – The advert focuses on three people. Later through those characters it goes on to explore into the entire animal planet. That's a large number of people but the advert does not confuse as it has a very strong theme which is clearly visible to anyone who watches it till the end.

Places – The advert covers almost the entire planet. It does not focus on any particular setting. This shall appeal to all sorts of people the outdoors type, the adventurers and the experimenters.

Activities – There are no fixed activities. For most of the advert viewers are left wondering what exactly is happening. It's only at the end when the theme gets clear that viewers understand the point of the large number of activities shown.

Knowledge – The advertisement assumes that viewers have knowledge of evolution and will understand the concept completely. It does not explain anything explicitly but relies on the viewers implicit understanding of the concept.

Things – The advertisement does not focus on a large number of things or gadgets. It actually goes on to imply that the entire point of evolution and modernisation are for the development of Guinness Beer.

Away From Vs. Toward

Away from – The ad does not use the away from emotion it does not use any emotion in terms of a central character as the focus is not on any single character.

Toward – The ad does not use even the toward emotion. The entire draw of the ad is based on its concept and the narration format, it does not rely on any set of characters. Although it does use


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