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Electronic Media Advertising on Consumerism and Cultural Values

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Electronic media advertising on consumerism and cultural values is always being done. The media always advertises in many different ways, from music to internet there is always something consistently being advertised. Media has a big effect on people at different times of the day. Say one is watching Bloomberg television and they are watching news in regards to the stock market, the commercials that come on are all about financials and how to save money. When you watch a soap opera you see commercials on diapers and baby food as well as things that may pertain to mothers.

Society grows custom to many things that may say we need when in reality we may not need it. A great example of this is a washer and dryer. If you ask the average American they say those things are necessary, and in reality they are not. When people are raised a certain way and then all of a sudden it changes it can be really hard to adapt. It can be as simple as someone buying a stick shift car and then years later purchasing an automatic. Even after having the car for months they find themselves reaching for the clutch.

Sometimes even without advertising a certain product or material they can help generate a sale of business. Take a grocery store for example when you go shopping the music they play is designed to keep shoppers there for longer and the longer they stay there they have a better chance of spending more money. Many companies also use many songs as a way of a catchy advertising. Toyota is a good example of this because they have a song that goes “I want my MPG” and this song would stay stuck in your head for days. Another company is the Venus razors that use the song “I’m your Venus I’m your fire.” This is another song that is a great example of using a song to advertise a product or service.

Without TV the media would probably not have hard time advertising because there are still movies. According to Naomi Rocker movies like E.T and Back to the


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