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Outdoor Advertising Impact

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Outdoor advertising is oldest form of promotion, dating to prehistoric times. In recent years, vast arrays of out-of-home media have joined traditional outdoor posters to reach an increasingly mobile population. After reading this project you will understand:

• Outdoor as a supplement to other media

• Standardized posters are the minority of out-of home ads

• The image of outdoor advertising

• Measurement of the outdoor audience

Newspaper advertising is valid for shorter time where as outdoor displays are available 24 hours. Also in India where the literacy is low, the medium like newspapers, magazines

Fail to communicate with the major audience. In outdoor at least the product display communicates them well. It works as a great reminder or a follow up advertisement. Outdoor advertising can act as a direction board for a business. Also it is a very easy way to advertise for sales- like clothing sales or for circus. Outdoor advertising by hoardings is also very popular to advertise TV programs and newly released films.


Outdoor is the oldest form of promotion. Evidence of outdoor message can be found in prehistoric carvings on bronze and stone tablets in the Middle East. In Egypt, outdoor was a popular means of posting public notices as well as sales messages. These were placed on well-traveled roads and are the forerunner of the modern highway billboard. Painted advertising dates at least to Pompeii, where elaborately decorated walls promoted local business.

The modern era of outdoor advertising was introduced when the automobile created a mobile society. In addition to a mobile population, outdoor benefited from new printing techniques and a growing advertising industry that was always looking for effective means of reaching prospective customers.


Outdoor advertising is normally a secondary medium, especially for national advertisers. However, a number of local and national advertisers use outdoor as their primary advertising vehicle.

The new comers to outdoor invest in the medium for a number of reasons. "Advancements in outdoor imagining, colour and the timely printing of boards have contributed to an influx of new advertisers such as cosmetics companies and fashion designers. In addition, outdoor can generate tremendous reach and frequency levels at a fraction of the cost of the traditional media. The growth of outdoor also reflects the need reach a population on the move.

The greatest long-term benefit for outdoor is the increasing fragmentation of virtually every other medium. Likewise


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