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Impact of Terrorism on the Economic & Social Aspects of United States

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Impact Of Terrorism On The Economic & Social Aspects of United States

1. Introduction

2. The effects on tourism of September 11th attacks in United States


1. Introduction

Terrorism is using of force or violence against people or property by groups or persons for political goals. For example, in violation of the criminal laws, coercion or ransom. Terrorist acts can be bombing, attack of biological or chemical agents or weapons of mass destruction(WMD).

Most definitions for terrorism are the acts that are intended to create fear or terror, and target's non-combatants.Terrorism is used when trying to force political change by convincing the government to agree to demands to avoid harm and to casuse unrest to the government.

The tourism and terrorism correlation is undeniable in the modern age due to the strength of the industry. Terrorist attacks mainly causes impact to the social and economic of the country.

Terrorist activity on these tourist areas will most definitely affect on the countries economy. For example, a decline of tourism may cause unemployment, homeless, crime and other economic and social aspects which are caused by terrorism, crime and the closure of borders.

2. The effects on tourism of September 11th attacks in United States

On September 11th 2001 there was a series of terrorist suicide attacks. Two of the United States airliners were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Centre building in New York by terrorists act by the command of the al-Qaeda, a terrorist group killing nearly 3000 people .

This act of terrorism is deeply affected the travel and tourist industry in the United States. However these attacks weren't targeted at the tourist industry but their economic impact is deeply effected to the industry by the attacks and infact it also affects on the tourist's behaviour.

The total economic impact of 9/11 is practically sumless.This make up to the jobs loss of 1.1 million people in the United States including airlines, hotels, tour operators, F&B and other tourism industries, making a 1.8% decrease of the total GDP for the United States economy.

There maybe also other factors which may have caused a decrease in total GDP worldwide. For example, natural disasters and disease outbreaks may have caused this. The economic downturn may not be caused only by loss in tourism. For example, a loss in income from retail in the city or a loss of international trade.

The attacks on the world trade centre in New York casuses 4 million less arrivals world wide


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