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The Economic Causes and Consequences of Brain Drain in the Unites States

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Brain drain is a term that appeared in the 60s of the twentieth century, when many intellectuals and scientists emigrated from Britain to the United States. The reason for this was the desire to have better working conditions. Also, during and before the Second World War a lot of lawyers, scientists and professors migrated around the world.

The phenomenon intensified in the mid-90s, when intensified globalization and appeared technological development and the demand for well-qualified professionals increased. In countries where professionals did not have a good job there was a problem with brain drain. This phenomenon also applies to students who went to study abroad, where gained a good education and did not come back to their home country.

There are many brain drains reasons, when people see a better life in other countries, then decide to emigrate, they want equality, when in their country is a lack of employment, wages are low and poor working conditions, the political situation is unstable, there is no freedom, then they want to avoid that and highly skilled workers decide to emigrate. They want to have a better career, good opportunities for the development, and be among scientific culture.

This phenomenon is very common in Third World countries, where majority of high educated people go to First World countries. It is very common in Africa and Asia.

Brain drain is very high in India, a study in 2001 indicated that each year the country leaves 100,000 people. To prevent the possibility that the phenomenon will be larger many huge companies (for example Google and Microsoft) opened its branches in India. They give for examples good salaries and working conditions.

All over the world people see that a country of many possibilities is the United States. Majority of high tech companies were set up in US - for example Apple, Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Coca Cola. This country has pioneered many innovations, most of the new technologies including the Internet was invented there.

Between 60s and 70s United States played a key role in the development of today's world economic system. Currently, the country is a perfect place for a development of personal carrier, because economically it is one of the richest countries in the world. It gives a much better education and life than other countries.

The effect of that is many scientists and highly skilled people want to emigrate to the United States. It is a country where brain drain is very big from a side of coming specialists. The problem which we will going to answer is how brain drain impacts on economics in The Unites States.




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