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Dbq Essay - Industrialization of the United States

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DBQ Essay

The Industrialization of the United States was considered by many to be an improvement to American life. For others, industrialization brought many problems to the society. Industrialization began around 1865, people wanted jobs to support their families and they saw an opportunity in the new factories. These factories had a great demand for workers. This eventually helped the cities grow in population because more and more people moved to the cities looking for jobs. Industrialization brought many advantages and disadvantages to the American society.

Industrialization brought many advantages to the American society. According to doc. A one aspect that improved between 1870 and 1910 was the number of High School graduates. It improved from 2 percent to 9 percent by 1910. From this you can tell that people were becoming more educated, this was because the number increased by 7 percent since 1870. Document F describes how industries began to grow and make massive amounts of profit. The automobile industry led to the growth of steel and rubber production. This shows that the industries depended on each other, they needed each others products to become successful.

Industrialization brought many disadvantages to the American society. One disadvantage was that it increased child labor from 0.7 million to 1.63 million. This is important because more kids under 15 years of age were used to work in factories. This can be considered as a disadvantage because they could not go to school and most the time they had to work in bad working conditions.

In conclusion, industrialization brought advantages and disadvantages to the American society. This connects with the world today because many companies used the same strategies that the old companies pioneered. This is why they have become rich and powerful.


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