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The Healthcare Industry Here in the United States of America

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I would say that this documentary really opened up my eyes on the healthcare industry here in the United States of America. In the beginning of the film, it showed how messed up the health insurance companies are. They claim that they want to help us and that this is the land of the free, but is it really? Everything costs a fortune, and there are plenty of Americans who die or become very ill because they either can not afford health insurance or the ones who can afford it, get double-crossed my their health insurance companies. I find it ridiculous that there are roughly 50 million Americans without health insurance, and the ones that are privileged enough to have health insurance are not really being provided what they are paying for. There are always loop holes in the policies such as, certain restrictions, half of the coverage being covered of whatever arose, ambulance fees, types of cancer, pay rates, minor health conditions that a person previously had in the past, that wasn't even that big of a deal (such as nausea), and many other things.

What I find extremely unjust is that the insurance companies hire employees who go through files to see if there is anything that was missed or disclosed. I think that this is wrong because the health insurance companies sole purpose is to help the customers, but are they really? There are plenty of people in the documentary who shared their stories, and my opinion of them are that the companies are doing the exact opposite. It’s ironic how back than immigrants would come on U.S. soil to get what they deserved or needed, to start a new and healthy life, and become apart of what every immigrant wanted, which was to live the “American dream”, and now when Americans are in time of medical need, health insurance companies try to find a way to leave people without the proper care that is essential just because it would be saving the company money. Throughout the movie, I learned that America isn’t what it used to be. We are so miserable with our financial and medical situations, that our life spans are less than the life spans of people from France, Britain, Canada, and other countries. The United States of America is one of the worst countries


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