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Ceylon Gifts in United States of America

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Ceylon Gifts in United States of America

“Ceylon Gifts” is a company which distributes gifts, gems & jewelry, clothes, fabrics, statuses, accessories. Those products are made by Sri Lankan small and medium scale produces who mostly produce within their household. We are intended to establish distribution and selling center in United States of America. We are going to hire managerial and non-managerial employees’ trough American citizens. The director board of the company consist of three Sri Lankan managers as well as two American managers.

Therefore implications from the dimensions of the national culture on the proposed business as follows.

Before we establish the company, we have already carried out survey regarding the national culture of the united state of the America. According to the survey results, we could identify USA as a low power distance country. Therefore we are going to select the candidates for the managerial positions base on the educational achievements and evaluate them in relation to their performance. Furthermore we apply participative and less direct supervision and participative leadership styles as well as use decentralize/flat decision making organizational design.

According to our findings there are good risk tolerant people and high entrepreneurial. Therefore we are going to suggest them to come up with new ideas, solutions and train them to think out of the status quo. The managerial and non-managerial employees remuneration based on personal oriented and flexible. Because of this they are willing to take more risk relating to the business decisions.

USA is a most individualistic country in the world. Therefore Employees should take the individual responsibilities regarding their decisions. They award extrinsic reward based on the market value. USA citizens are not emotionally depend on organizational groups and their turnover is high. We intend to give them more individual freedom. USA is a masculine country and work tends to be very important and central to people’s lives. The masculine society like USA clearly categorized occupation by gender. Therefor we are intendant to clearly define the gender roles within the company.


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