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United States Juvenile Crimes

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1. Overview

In the United States juvenile crime is spreading extensively. The number of juvenile offenders ensures that the corrections industry is well off into the century. It's unfortunately that with the number increasing comes the racial and ethnic disparities. In our society to understand why there are disparities is very important, when attempting to understand the large amount of juvenile crimes in the United States. There are many promotions within the justice system which helps to reduce the number of racially and motivated arrests. Yet there has still not been as nearly acting to reduce the base cause for crime levels and disparities that exist today.

the racial distribution of serious and violent offending among juveniles in the United States.

II. Race and ethnicity in chronic juvenile offends.

a) What makes a Juvenile a Chronic Offenders

b) What are some behavior patterns of a chronic juvenile offender

III. Various explanations for racial and ethnic differences observed.

a) Minority youths offend more and commit more serious crimes, so they deserve disproportionate contact with juvenile justice

b) Juvenile justice systems are set up to reinforce expectations of powerful white majority about proper youthful behavior so disproportionate minority contact reflects racial bias

To currently understand the evidence on a national level is very important when you are talking about possible disparities with juvenile offenders' race and ethnicity. When dealing with juvenile, in most cases they are not reported to the UCRFBI (Uniform Crime Report of the Federal Bureau of Investigations) due to the many state and federal restrictions


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