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Drug Trafficking in the United States

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Many things life are questionable, but there are even more things that we all agree on rather then disagreeing, I was standing this morning outside smoking this morning when I saw two kids that aren't over sixteen smoking with us and talking about the different drugs they have used and how different drugs they used made them feel. I was stunned with my coworker and could have swore I thought of my son when I saw them doing what they are doing. The topic I chose is drug trafficking in the United States in every stage of our kids lives we think about something and write now I am trying to make sure the teens in my family don't come around any drugs of any types and I try to keep them busy so they wouldn't think about it.

My focus in my research will be on how we can limit drug trafficking, and what is the best way to keep our kids away from this great danger that our country is facing. I will look at the numbers and statistics on how different drugs affected us, also I will uncover the different price range for different drugs that are popular in the states. The claim that I will be focusing on is that our system is failing us in our policies and the biggest failure that we have is our educational system in schools, because so many kids want to try the different drugs, but they have never learned about it. Another claim I will be discussing the sources of the drugs like where we get them from? Many other countries other than Mexico and Colombia like Iran and Afghanistan.


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