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Sony Vaio - Appearance of Advertising

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Sony Vaio

we constantly see appearance of advertising . it becomes increasingly important part of our daily life. they are on television, radio, internet, magazines, books, or even on your car- a piece of paper-sometimes makes you shock, image it as a ticket. In the Past, people did know how to used advertise ting. For instance, many parts of Asia, Africa, and South America, they used wall or rock for commercial advertising form. the commercial messages and political campaign displays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and Arabia. Egyptians used papyrus to males messages and wall posters. they realized the impact on the way advertisement effects, enhances to the buyers. we may not believe a company can spend thousands of dollars and month planning on a page of magazine. They use countless ways to catch consumers' eyes, including sexuality, fantasy, comedy, celebrity appeals... Somehow, it's turning to be a arena, at which brand can demonstrate their strength, ability to compete with another company. The most important is the idea- to make an impression at the first time seeing of consumers. I saw an advertisement of Sony one year ago. Since that, they grabbed my attention and products of Sony seemed to be my best choice.

It was an introduction of Sony Vaio TZ series- considered the world's lightest notebook. The purpose of this advertisement is not only to encourage people buy their produces, but also is a performing of high level of a big brand-Sony. It was a picture a notebook fluttering in the wind, with the image of a man was surprised about how light the notebook-Sony Vaio TZ series was.

This advertisement was very creative by interesting ideas. Background was a place far from city, came with gold mountains and blue sky. A man dressed well: black suit, a pair of glossy black shoes, purple tie and a black suitcase; he was getting off his private airplane. Suddenly, his notebook slipped out off his hand, flied with papers to the air. Every details of this advertising brought an important responsibility and meaning. First of all, image the young, successful man with his private airplane carried a allusion to upper and business people. Also, the airplane was a source of strong wind


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