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Web Advertising - Web Advertising Structural and Functional Features

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1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction to web advertising

1.2 The growth in Web advertising

1.3 Online Advertisement Method 2 - 13

2. Online Advertising Method

2.1 Email Advertising

2.2 Types of Email advertising

2.3 Benefits and limitations

13 - 16

3. 3.0 Yahoo Mail : Email Advertising

3.1 Description on Yahoo Mail


4. Conclusion

5. Reference


1.1 Introduction to Web Advertising

The description of the web advertising structural and functional features is accompanied by a pragmatic content analysis which looks at the linguistic means web advertising use when communicating with their target audience. A wider look at attributes that is significant for the effectiveness of web advertising. The web has introduced media to a world audience. Internet advertising and marketing is typically considered to have a broader scope because it solely refers back to the web, e-mail, wireless media, but it surely consists of management of digital customer's data and electronic customer relationship administration programs or ECRM. Web marketing also called I-advertising, web-advertising, search engine Advertising (SEM) or e-advertising, is the advertising of products and companies everywhere in the internet. The interactive world of web advertising in terms of providing prompt response is a singular high quality of the medium. As a result of search engines are main resource of companies and marketers' alike, targeted advertising on the web has introduced forth great success. Web advertising also refers back to the placement of media alongside many various levels of the customer engagement cycle by means of search engine (SEM). In the Nineties, internet advertising and marketing went crazy. It was a brand new idea and caution had been thrown to the wind in the all hype. Corporations didn't take into easy consideration that the same variables of marketing in different types of media should logically apply to web advertising as well. Their failure to review markets and create new methods led to fall of many so known as dot comes ultimately of 12 months 2000.


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