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Infected Web Site Attack Prevention

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I am evaluating two articles about Website Attack Prevention The First one "Infected Web Site Attack Prevention" on Cnet. The second article titled "Website attack prevention measures from the fbi"

The first paragraph of the first article discusses criminal hackers also known as crackers and a new attack that was launched by these individuals this is a Trojan that downloads itself onto a users system simply because the person visited an infected site, within this paragraph the reader will see how easily he or she can be infected by simply visiting or something other innocent site. The Trojan downloads to the user's pc and may record the user's keystrokes when her or she visits other sites, this can be very dangerous because most of Internet users today do most financial transactions via the Internet.

The article informs the reader that he or she may not realize there is an issue because the virus does not slow down Internet traffic and only affects IE browsers. The article informs the reader that other browsers such as Mozilla and Opera, and Firefox are not affected. This article is several years old and mentions Microsoft urging websites running Windows 2000 to update their servers. The article also states that while websites can apply a patch that cannot be done with home or business Internet surfers.

The second paragraph is very informative to a trained IT person someone who is not very computer savvy would have a hard time reading through the IT jargon and get a good understanding of exactly what they are discussing. The paragraph states that the first part of the attack is the infiltration of the virus onto popular sites and how the servers are altered to include a small file which will be added to the searchers when they visit the site. The second part of the attack uses two different vulnerabilities, one where a patch can be added and one where a patch cannot be added, I find this part interesting but again not for the average reader.

This article was very brief too brief to give any pertinent information to the average reader for an IT person who is researching past Trojan viruses it is an informative snipit of information. The article does forward the reader to Microsoft for a detailed fix for the viruses attack.

The first paragraph of the second article discusses that over the


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