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Web-Based Nutrition Sites and Accurate Information

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        When searching web-based nutrition sites, most of us immediately go to Google.  We know that information food by doing a Google search my not always be accurate information.  Therefore, I have chosen three websites to evaluate, to see if we can determine which provides the most accurate nutrition information.

The first website selected is  I first researched the whole website and found the disclaimer that the material on LIVESTRONG.COM is for the educational use only.  It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.  While this is true and any change in diet should be under the super vision of a health professional, many of the articles written are written by professional such as registered dietitians, certified specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine, Master of Science degree of food policy and applied nutrition and many more.  Therefore, many of the articles would be consider accurate information.

The second website I chose was  After researching the SuperMarket Guru himself, I have determined that Phil Lampert is a foods trend editor who is the founder and editor of which is a website with a panel of participants who offer opinions on food and health related issues and products.  With this information, I would conclude that this would not be a reliable source for accurate information, as it is based on opinions instead of facts.

The third website I chose was  This article is a guide for teenagers in taking charge of their health.  It is backed by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases as well as Dr. Aaron Kelly, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.  It also provides nutrition labels from the FDA and information on healthy food intake from the Dietary Guidelines.  All accurate and reliable sources of Nutritional information.


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