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Quotation Case - Certitax - a Web Based Sales and Use Tax Calculation Solution from Cch

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There are many accounting and financial matters associated with the way a company’s products or services are sold, one of the most complex is sales tax. This research paper examines the CertiTax tool, which is an automated sales tax solution to run with Microsoft Dynamics. The paper also discusses how JAB Distributors, LCC, Protect-A-Bed reply on CertiTax to calculate its sales tax. With CertiTax, the company doesn’t has to spend time trying to find the correct tax rate and possibly creating another tax authority in the ERP system before creating the customer and entering the order. CertiTax brings accounting accuracies and the peace of mind to the company. It also enable orders to go out faster, which means the customers are happier.



CertiTax is a web based sales and use tax calculation solution from CCH that provides real time address validation and tax calculation based on a comprehensive database of rates and taxability rules covering thousands of products and services. CertiTAX integrates IT Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, NAV and SL and operates transparently behind the scenses with minimal operations or IT support. (Riverwoods). The certiTax has two individual web services such as CertiCalc and CertiShip. (CertiTax Web Services). CertiCalc performs sales tax calculation. CertiShip performs customer address verification.

When used in combination with the CCH ZIPSaless Returns product, sales tax liability can be aggregated from any input source, including batch input from legacy, point of sale and general ledger systems. The aggregated liability is the automatically transferred to the appropriate forms for each jurisdiction where taxes are owned.


CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business is a leading provider of


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