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Web-Based Vs. Paper-Based Phr

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        Web-based vs. Paper-based PHR        

Shawntriece Poindexter

Rasmussen College

Web-based vs. Paper-based PHR

Paper-based PHR’s appear to be a lot more popular than the web-based records. Most likely because the paper has been the standard for quite a while, and it has been effortlessly available without needing the internet. Paper-based PHR’s offer the benefit of having accessible information right away, especially when an internet connection is not readily available. While seeing a specialist, one can ask for a duplicate of their records. In all probability, the customer needs to sign an authorization to release Medical information, before it is released. Paper-based PHR’s, however, are not always the cheapest method and can be useless in circumstances where it is lost or destroyed the information can be are hard to replace. Whereas web-based PHR’s can be kept on a server and are always available, with an internet connection and the right software.

Internet-supported PHR’s allow health information to be accessed and edited within a Web browser. They have the benefit of being accessible from any place with an Internet connection and compatible Web browser. The internet enables the PHR to be interactive, and to be developed and updated with new medical information and history of the patient or family member. While some web-based PHR’s are primarily an accessory to already established medical records on file with providers, others try to become the primary medical resource. Because Web-based PHR’s are kept on a server separate from the consumer's personal computer, it is implied that the data is commonly more available and more likely to have sturdy backup procedures to shield it from damage and piracy. With any information kept electronically, unauthorized access is a significant concern for a lot Americans with Web-based PHR’s.


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