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Community Based Adult Education

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Adult Education

Community Based Adult Education

A. Global Assessment of Community Based Adult Education. This includes most important contributions they can make to society in the face of what are considered the most significant challenges of the 1990's. Who are the customers and how can they best be served? Which of the philosophies of adult education are most evident in each case?

Adult educators in community based development identify with a specific content area or with a specific clientele. For example literacy (the adult reading programs established throughout different communities) and also health (aids awareness programs).

Aims and purposes of community-based adult education are usually directly related to specific community issues.

Community Development (strictly an educational process; everything else is secondary) vs. Popular Education (providing social skills useful to the oppressed).

Community-Based education operates on the assumption that a given community has potential to solve many of its problems.

The customers are the people in the community with common needs.

Paulo Freire is the principle thinker under the Popular Education.

B. What trends are evident (or can be expected) that will impact such institutions:

Education with the people instead of for the people.

Community development procedures must be more humanized, less rigid and more flexible.

More self-help which will strengthen ties in the community.

C. How should institutions and supporting frameworks, including


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