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Purpose of Adult Education

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Adult education has been a champion for many of us by providing education for people who did not have the opportunity to attend in the traditional school. I am the recipient of this extraordinary philosophy of adult education, and so many of immigrants who came to this country [that] who could not learn in the traditional school. Adult education, has contributed to the economy and to the Canadian society. Therefore, given the attribute to many of us, I have no doubt the future of adult education in the 21st century will become flexible, creative, challenging and complex. I have written about the “uncommon schools” of adult education: the challenge (or one of them) for our field is surely to exercise imagination regarding the range and variety of adult learning sites.

First of all, education in the 21st century would not be in class only but it should be distributed any where in the world at any time; and it could be in the work places, schools of continuing education, communities or on line. With the development of the high technology related education, the methods of adult education becomes more divers with the help of internet, computer devices, distance education and virtual class. We can easily find one that suits us. Adult education brings more convenience than ever before. More and more people are involved in adult education system due to immigration and because of the number of recent high school dropouts. Yes, today’s youthful radicals have attached great promise to the social media in their efforts to act through virtual collectivities in various confrontations with the state and other sectors.

Adult education provides an opportunity as well as a second chance to less privileged by allowing them getting their secondary education diploma. “Researchers take interest in younger clienteles, sixteen to twenty-four year olds, who come to adult education in ever-growing numbers. “(Solar & theriault, P. 55 2013) Adult education, gives an opportunity and empowering people who have no voice. Moreover, the entire struggle that has been made by many activists for the sake of education, was worthwhile, because not that long ago it was impossible for poor people to get education. Not only that the system allows the elites to have the upper hand that systematically discriminate minorities but also the elites claimed that minorities are unreceptive. “some people were

born as “natural slaves” and perceived as not being capable of being educated.” (Welton, 2013 p. 21). However, the brave men rejected this idea and kept fighting until achieving their objectives. The foundation of adult education has been always to build a just learning society, and the purpose of adult education becomes more divers. In the early twentieth century, Alfred Fitzpatrick of Frontier College fame spoke of the “neglected citizen” (neglected by state and educational systems).

In recent years, we are not forced


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