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Statement of Purpose - My Interest in Science

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My interest in science dates back to my years in secondary school, where I enjoyed studying physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. Chemical Engineering, in particular, appealed to me because of the broad range of career paths, challenges involved in the application of scientific theory to practical, real world problems, and the opportunity to contribute to society through technological innovation. While doing summer internship, I learnt how to apply theoretical knowledge to solve real-time problems in industry. I was thrilled after successfully completing my project on iron-ore beneficiation from slimes which were earlier considered of no-use. This success kindled a desire in me to do research and also gave me the confidence and perseverance to pursue a PhD after my graduation.

In order to gain exposure, insight, knowledge and hands-on experience with real time research environment in this field, I wish to pursue a research internship, where I will be working on a model which allow organisms to sense and to respond to changes in different environmental conditions. His field of research perfectly matches mine and I am eagerly looking forward to working under him.

I believe that my sound theoretical knowledge, analytical and mathematical skills coupled with insatiable urge to explore this field will help me to complete the internship with utmost dedication and sincerity.

I have been a sincere and hardworking student. I firmly believe that my dedication and sincerity coupled with insatiable urge to explore this field will help me to complete the internship successfully.This internship is of immense importance to me for giving me the necessary exposure and perspective to seriously consider taking up this field of research as my future career option.


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