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Letter to Board of Education - Learn a Second Language

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Dear Board of Education,

Many of the students here at (insert high school) High School struggle to learn a second language. Maybe because they are lazy or because they're not willing to learn one or just because they just don't understand the language. I as a teenager who took Spanish understand all the difficulties of trying to learn a second language in one year. As a teenager we all have many things important to us. It isn't to our knowledge unless we do the research of how important learning a second language is.

That is why I am writing to you, the board. I have a proposal. That proposal is to make learning a second language mandatory at a younger age. Mainly because mimicking out foreign exchange students can help us in the long run, can help improve our future, and it is proven that children will take on a second language better. Our foreign exchange students know 3 to 5 languages and speak them all fluently. I say we follow in there steps and do the same. They start at first grade and are allowed to choose a language to learn. Then they take two years to master that language and then move on to the next language. This makes them highly bilingual and will help them in jobs such as the global marketplace. Our exchange students have a more developed outlook or other cultures and societies, better than we do. Those students are set in better jobs as well. Being bilingual opens up a new set of jobs.

Our children of today are the future tomorrow. What they are taught sets them up for what they will do for the rest of their lives. Just like the exchange students they are what make up our society. They may be a business manager or even the president. In the foreign language class you don't only learn the language but you learn the culture that speaks that language and their ways. Knowing a language can set them up for better business skills and if they were to be the president make


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