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Improving the Teaching and Learning in Mathematics, Science and the English Language

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Title:         Improving the teaching and learning in Mathematics, Science and the English Language


First and foremost, let us spread our thankfulness to god as with His Loveliness and Forgiveness, we are given the chance to meet again in this meeting. As a president Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) I want to say welcome to both new and returning SK PYNG staff. We are very excited about all the great happenings at SK Pyng. The renewals, new buiding and the great new additions to the staff promise to make this another fabulous year at SK Pyng.

We are a strong and supportive association and are excited to welcome all the new members to our association. The president Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) has many plans for this year and we need and welcome volunteers from associates new to SK Pyng as well as current associates to make it all happen! There is always something going on and always some way you can get involved in our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and our school. Strong parent involvement is a long tradition at the school and one of its great strengths!

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) welcomes the participation of all parents, grandparents, teachers who care for and about SK Pyng students. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is comprehensive and while we encourage contributions, by no means do we require monetary donations to be a member. Our priority is parental involvement and all we ask is for your commitment and support to our children and the work of our great teachers. If you have the means, we ask that you support the Parent-Teacher Association Yearly Fund and all of our fund raising activities. Your donations will go a long way to continuing the strong tradition of parental support, which has helped make SK Pyng the exceptional school that it continues to be!

We are looking forward to another exciting year. Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) works to improve the wellbeing of all students by providing enrichment programs and funding, as well as promoting encouragement and involvement throughout the school. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) encourages the collaboration of parents and teachers in order to promote and enhance the learning and education of our students. By becoming a member of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), you’ll be a part of an organization that truly does make a difference in the lives of all children at Sk Pyng. Please explore our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Facebook for the official calendar of meetings and other information.

We in the PTA believe that it is of ultimate importance that we do everything we can to enhance the learning environment of our children as they truly are our future. It will take all of us working together to ensure that this happens.


        The key subject in our school has always been a challenging topic and believe it or not, no other than Pupils’ poor performance, particularly in Mathematics, Science and the English language has stirred more argumentative opinions among parents. Over the last few year, Parent-Teacher Association in SK Pyng has made its effort not only to distribute the importance of Mathematics, Science and the English language but also carried out many creative activities, realizing the fact that it is highly important in terms of nation structure and global competitiveness. Low proficiency in the English Language is a major cause of bad performances in science and mathematics in the basic education. The initiative to teach Science and Math in English language was initially conceived to improve Malaysian students’ English proficiency and employability in order to compete globally. Our country implemented the teaching of science and math in English from 2003 – 2012. However, many parents and employers had called for English to be retained as the language of instruction. Of late, concerns have risen in recent years that students’ English skills have declined, with employers citing this as a major weakness among fresh graduates in Malaysia. Today, as the world becomes increasingly inter-connected digitally and economically, English language proficiency is even more important as it increasingly becomes a requirement for better employment and opportunities in the global arena. Another consequence of problems at school is that children can get tagged with unhelpful labels such as ‘uninterested’, ‘easily distracted’ or ‘doesn’t try hard enough’. Worst of all, young people often ‘own’ the label and begin to believe that they are ‘troublemakers’ or ‘misfits’. All these labels suggest a child is somehow to blame. But school problems are often a sign that systems and support networks around a child aren’t adequate.


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