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Teaching and Task-Based Learning

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Whenever a person undertakes the complicated and hard work of learning a foreign language,he must deal with the methods concerning the teaching of a foreign language.”The method of teaching” is a comlex term.First of all it is due to the complexity of the process of teaching.The latter includes three important problems:what to teach? (the content of teaching), what to teach for?(aims of teaching), and how to teach?( methods of teaching).In order to fulfill the content of teaching and the aims of teaching we need to know certain methods of teaching.Methods have got a specific role in the process of teaching.

Before beginning a lesson each teacher stands before several important problems: to plan the lesson? to hold the lesson? to forecast the results? to achieve the goals? to analyze the acchievements and the gaps?

For realizing all these problems the teacher needs to know various teaching methods.

First of all what is a method?It is a tool, or instrument used for achieving the goals or “the collaboration of the teacher and the pupils”.

The methods of teaching a foreign language are closely related to several sciences such as pedagogics, psychology, phsiology , linguistics,etc.

Methods is related to pedagogics as both of them are connected with the teaching and educating the younger generation.

Methods of foreign language teaching has a definite relation to phsysiology of the nervous system.With the help of the theories of “conditioned reflexes”, “the second sygnalling system” and of dynamic stereotype” Pavlov shows the relation of the physiology with the teaching of a foreign language.

Of all these sciences it is the linguistics that is more connected with Methods.A reason to it is that the main problem of linguistics is dealing with language and thinking, grammar and vocabulary, while Methods uses the results of linguistic investigation to involve all that material in teaching.

.There exists a great variety of “methods” and in the course of time even new methods appear. Thus, a teacher must have the ability of choosing and using the most proper methods.

It is impossible to give the complete classification of methods.But there exist methods which have successfully passed the exam of the time ,have been traditionally used and will be always used.

1)The grammar-translation method.

It is the oldest method of foreign language learning , which was even used in the first Latin schools.


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