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Abetment & Criminal Force Problem Based Learning

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Jue and Amira are both 18 years old students who are the prefects in Sepang Vocational College, Selangor. While Farhan is a 17 years old prefect who is the junior of Amira and Jue by one year. All the three of them are from the same school and were very close with each other.

On March of 2019, Dania, a 17 years old student enrolled into the college after being expelled from her old school due to some disciplinary actions. Dania has an appearance and attitude of a boy and most of her friends are boys. Being a new student, she was not familiar with the new rules and regulations. Despite that, she made no effort to observe the rules and had acted rudely towards her peers and seniors. There were numerous occasions in which she was reminded to respect her peers, seniors and teachers. But she never complied. Dania has been acting rude particularly towards Jue and Amira.

Enraged by the rudeness and the nonchalant behaviors of Dania, Jue and Amira decided to teach Dania a lesson. They initially planned to injure Dania together at the hockey field at 10 pm. However, Amira decided to act on her own and does not want to be directly involved in the plan of hurting Dania. Therefore, Amira approached Farhan, and asked Farhan to do her a favor. She gave her beloved hockey stick and had asked Farhan to swing the hockey stick to Dania’s shin. Farhan agreed to carry out Amira’s request.

On the other hand, Jue knew that Amira had chickened out from their initial plan, thus she decided to conspire with Farhan in carrying out their plan to hurt Dania. She knew that Farhan was not fond of Dania because he was once rejected and publicly shamed by Dania. On the said night, Jue instructed Farhan to bring Dania to the hockey field and had further told Farhan to stop Dania if she tried to escape. Before calling Dania at her class, Farhan ditched the hockey stick in fear of being suspected by other students. He thought he could kick Dania on the shin instead of using the hockey stick. At 10 pm sharp, Farhan went to Dania’s class and called Dania as they agreed. Feeling rather annoyed, Dania had refused to go and dismissed Farhan. Farhan warned Dania on how angry Jue would be if Dania refused. Suddenly Dania remembered how terrible Jue’s attitude was. Feeling intimidated, Dania finally complied and followed Farhan to the hockey field.

Upon arrival, Dania saw Jue’s big figure waiting for her with her arms crossed. Dania immediately tried to escape as she feared of being hurt by Jue. Jue picked


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