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To Apply Course Concepts to a Relevant Organizational Problem and to Share Learning with the Class

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Objectives: To apply course concepts to a relevant organizational problem and to share learning with the class.

Content: Examine an organizational situation focused on one of the weekly topics. The organizational situation should be drawn from first hand experience rather than from secondary sources.

Format: the paper should be 10 pages, using 12 point font with reasonable margins. You may use an additional 3 pages for appendices. The presentation should be 15 minutes, plus questions to follow.

I will evaluate the paper and presentation based on quality of the analysis, the application of course concepts, originality of the material, and quality of presentation (in class and written).

Due: Sign up to present and submit your paper in one of Classes 4 through 12. Groups may be 5-7 people. Please let me know before the second session who is in your group and what your preference for a topic and week is (three ranked choices). There will be more than one group presenting in some weeks.



Objectives: The purpose of the paper is to give you an opportunity to explore a broad issue (e.g. organizational diversity, designing around self-directed work teams, the impact of the virtual organization on worklife, etc.). It will facilitate the development of your own reactions and ideas in response to literature you have read.

Content: The research paper is a critical analysis of a topic you believe is a particularly meaningful organizational issue. Write a critical analysis, in which you review the literature, what effect on organizations the issue has or will have, and how organizations might respond to this issue.

These papers are due on February 18 (Session 7) and are not to exceed 10 pages double- spaced, 12 point font. Depth and


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