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To What Extent Is Adult Criminality a Consequence of Problems In

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Adult Criminality should be liked to childhood. Indeed, the expériences encounered in childhood have a direct effect on what the adult will become. If a child has encountered great violence at school or even worse at home, he will be bound to reproduce what he has seen. Simply because this is the only example he has had and also because we all know that identification to an adult, and particularly to one of the parent, is something that is over-important for the child.

So violence should first of all be detected during childhood so as to avoid violent grown up persons.

But the problem might be more tricky than this to the extent that there is verbal violence but also physical violence. Physical violence is can be straighforwardly detected while verbal one is more pernicious. And yet it does affect the child. It can even destroy his personality or prevent him from becoming what he would like to be.

This is why adult criminality should be harshly punished by the law. Indeed far too many persons use it and are free in this society. Fortunately enough there are associations which fight against it and help children to find their own ways.

But adult criminality may also be related to adult themselves, for instance men over women. Many women suffer from physical violence from their husband and do not dare talk about it until some day a friend of theirs tell them about an association which might help them. They should be protected by the law and also be helped physchologically speaking.


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