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In My Time Spent at the University, Learning Has Been a Cumulative Process

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In my time spent at the University, learning has been a cumulative process. Thanks to the hard work and dedication put into my courses, I have been able to come out with a much better understanding. This would not have been possible without a solid foundation from which to build my knowledge. I feel the Precalculus II course taken my junior year of high school as a Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) student provided me with a strong learning base needed to succeed at the University.

My second semester of precalculus felt easier than the first. Having a term of experience learning math at a university level provided me more familiarity with the subject. The text for the course also devoted more space for mathematical proofs compared to the previous term's. Studying them allowed me to develop a deeper insight into the subject.

The proofs also gave me an opportunity to understand what I saw as the philosophy of math. I noticed the importance in defining something, observing the results and using them- to derive other mathematical statements. Spending time learning the proofs prepared me for the exams among other things. They also helped in more advanced courses such as calculus where it was often helpful or necessary to recall the concepts learned from Precocious II.

The skills learned from the class aided me when studying other subjects, especially with my Russian courses. A mathematical approach helped me to analyze and understand the grammatical structure of the language. I noticed how much vocabulary could be derived from just one word. That way of thinking helped me improve my language study skills.


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