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Case Reflection on Service Learning of University Students

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Guadalupe Mondragon

Professor Qi

BUS 147

1 May 2018                            

                 Case Reflection on Service Learning of University Students (Hong Kong)


        The service learning program is a 3 unit college general education course that includes academic study on campus and community service in nongovernmental organizations. During community service students work on projects in small teams for about 120 hours during the summer or course semester. Students provide services to people in need, such as children and youth in disadvantaged circumstances, senior citizens in deprived communities. Then, students discuss in class or in an essay what they learned from the program.

Case Issue Analysis:

        Although service learning programs have become popular throughout the world, educators, administrators, and students have become disheartened by what many feel is a fundamental disconnection between the real world and academic learning. Moreover, academic studies have been criticized for a lack of relevance and responsiveness to public good. (Chis-holm, 2002). A service-learning experience takes the student outside the classroom and away from the instructor. The service-learning experience is also less predictable. As a result, instructors are often concerned that they

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do not have as much control over learning that takes place outside the classroom. School’s faculty are concerned about assessing student learning when much of the learning takes place outside the classroom and without the supervision of the instructor.(Cantor, 1995; McCarthy, 2002). For example, many students find that they don’t have time to participate in service learning programs due to their commitments of having work, school, and personal duties at home.

        The value of service-learning in enhancing academic skills, in increasing awareness of the diversity of humanity, and in fostering students' social commitment is thus justified empirically. This paper provides a description of a service-learning program implemented at a university in Hong Kong as well as a descriptive evaluation of the program. The discussion also focuses on recommendations for service-learning based on the students' evaluations and their experiences.

Regarding assessment, agency supervisors account for 35% of course grades, which is based on students' performance in their service-learning placements, including punctuality, adherence to administrative procedures, working relationships with service targets and agency staff, and readiness to assume responsibilities. There was a survey done to Hong Kong University students with data collected through a structured questionnaire completed by each respondent. The questionnaire was administered in a single class session at the end of the program. Students completed the questionnaire anonymously and then returned it to a project assistant who had been trained in the


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