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Reflection Case

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First off, let me say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. I felt that every assignment had some relevant meaning to it and actually helped in in some way, shape or form. The class gave me the confidence to go out and tackle my internship head on with the statement being said, "you're almost done." The class examined the field of education in a way that made me appreciate teachers more than I had in the past.

I earned a grade of a B on my midterm. I feel that the grade did me just considering the work that I had missed and also the work that I still needed to make up. Within my midterm, I mentioned that I needed to grow more professionally this semester. With this being said, I did try my best to engage in more conversations with my classmates about our field of education. Through these conversations, I was able to learn more about the profession and also learn more about myself as a teacher candidate.

I have attended class regularly. I have missed three days of class due to the death of my grandmother. With those days, I was in touch with you and also some of my classmates to find out about the work that I missed.

This semester, I have been prepared for class. I have done the assigned readings to make sure that I was able to participate in the discussions that were being held in class. A few of my assignments have not been turned in on time. If they were not turned in on time, then I have been in contact with you to let you know that the assignment would be late and the reason why the assignment would be turned in late. This was done through primarily email and face-to-face conferences. I missed three days of class in the beginning of the semester due to another death. Although I did miss class, I did not make up the time that I needed to with Kaylan. As a result of obtaining another job, I was unable to complete more time with her outside of class.

I feel that this semester, I was able to participate


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