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Apple Inc Case Study

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Apple Computer Inc. an american computer technology company ignited the personal computer industry in the 1976 with its invention of "Apple I" which at the time was the first personal computer, this kicked off a new era for future computer companies to come. Apple Computer Inc. leads todays industry with its sleek modern design which targets mainly the newer generation with its revolutionized iPhone 4‘s, iMac's and many other unique products that captured the heart of todays demanding customers. Apple has always been first in creating something out of the ordinary from the first mouse to the first multi touch smart phone.

Why is apple not a dominant provider of personal computers?

Since 1976 Apple Inc products were unique in design and in performance which was a set back in the consumer market from the beginning. In the past steve jobs and his partner steven Wozniak came across many opportunity and threats which could of resulted in a positive impact to his company and vise versa. One of which were when IBM entered the personal computer market steve jobs felt that it was a direct threat to his company, he than persuaded president of pepsi cola john Sculley to join forces with him on developing Apple to operate in a more business-like fashion.

Meanwhile, IBM continued to develop their product and began to expand and saturate the personal computer market. While Apple Inc was given the opportunity to share its Operating System with other computer manufacturers and make it run on intel-base machines, but the idea was rejected, a decision which leads Microsoft Window's directly to total domination of the personal computer market. However, having survived almost 34 years in the personal computer industry, apple holds little over 5% of the personal computer market to this day.

Was Apple's decision to use Intel processors, which allow computers to run either Apple


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