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Apple Case Study

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           Apple, one of the world’s most successful multi technology companies was founded in 1976, later renamed Apple Inc. in 2007 to reflect its different technology focus and has since soared to the top of the technology scale. The company has come a long way and its development of the IPod and IPhone has made this company very successful. New technology that have sky rocketed over the last several years have included the IPad, the apple watch and the apple TV. These technology have done well and has made the technology market for other competitors very interesting. Samsung been a very big competitor. Never the less Apple is leading the way. Their remarkable customer service and gold standard support for all the gadgets they have, has paved the way and many consumers are easily sold on their products.

      The objective, vision and mission of Apple includes meeting the world’s innovation needs, and making all technology simple. It also includes collaboration with employees to making these goals possible and a commitment to customer satisfaction and its mission to making the future advancements in technology for mankind. In addition Apple continues to invest in research and development strategies that uses marketing, advertising and consumer satisfaction to increase sale of products and technologies.

        Some of the indicators from the business success includes the growth and fast expansion of not only new technology but its digital edge. “The rapid growth of applications and third-party digital content, through the iTunes Store. Apple’s app and iBook store as allowed customers to discover and download applications and books through either a Mac or Windows-based computer or through their “iOS devices,” namely iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.” (, they have indeed made generous margins with many new technological products. Its great customer service offers great incentives and it is so individualize. Employee can feel their self-worth and they get to be a major part of the development of these new technology. Apple is also at least two years ahead of their competitors. Also, it is evident by their stocks that has extremely great value and is a great buy. ( Their power brand and quality keeps them on the forefront of all the technology giants.


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