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Apple Case Study

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Chris Jackson

Marketing Case Brief #1

Due Feb 3, 2015

Apple Inc.


The brand I decided to choose as my Case Brief was Apple Inc. I choose them because I enjoy their products a lot and I feel that they offer their customers an array of variety when it comes to their products.


Apple Inc. has a product differentiation competitive advantage because the products they offer are designed to be very user friendly, so all ages can enjoy their products. I believe this type of advantage is the best to have because customers will buy your products no matter how much the cost is. The products that they offer can all be linked together which is a cool feature that some competitors cannot match. They also invest in many things such as Beats By Dre, which is a billion dollar company that they are going to start implementing in their phones. It also has a huge market share advantage over its main competitor Android, which is also a pretty big company that generates a lot of money. It also was the first phone to have a voicing system that you can ask questions and it would respond by telling you whatever you asked it.


Some of the component lifestyles Apple brings to their costumers is that they have the ability to customize just about any aspect of their phone and with an Apple ID you can put information on one of your products and with that ID you can also put it on any of your other Apple products. Their phones apply to just about any demography ranging from small children to older adults, because the ease of use their phone brings to the customer. They apply a lot of research and development in their phones using stuff other people have put in phones, but mainly trying to develop new and exciting things that they can bring to their customers. According to their website they do a lot for the environment to try and make it the best place possible, some of the things they do is use recycled parts in their new phones, they avoid putting harmful toxins in the air, and they have shortened the wattage their computers use to run.


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