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Apple Case Study

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Crusty Dough Pizza Company


This case report will summarize how Crusty Dough Pizza Company will be successful and unsuccessful.


Aleksandras Webb

Steven Watson

Shrijan Shrestha

Anthony Sandel

Mark Smith



Many companies are successful or unsuccessful for various reasons. Apple is successful for its brand and innovation. McDonalds dominates the golden arches and even a two year old knows how to order a cheeseburger. Coke is successful for their famous and original formula. The opposite can occur for companies who have all these components yet become unsuccessful. The perfect example would be Hostess Corporation and the American icon Twinkie. Americans are leaning towards eating healthy food thus causing a market change for the corporation. There are many and small questions to be answered before we open the door for our business. Is the location right? Do I have enough capital? What is the consumer behavior towards different product available in their market? Even if you think you have got all the answers to your question to open the business, Market will determine the fortune of the company. For our purposes, we will examine the Crusty Dough Pizza Company and the variables that we feel that can make this company successful and find areas of improvement to grow. This report contains an analysis of data acquired from the 60 Crusty Dough Pizza Company restaurants.

Profit by Delivery

Crusty Dough Pizza Company has locations that offer dine in, take out or delivery. However, there are some locations that do not offer delivery. In the pizza industry, the delivery option is one of the critical customer draw. Most consumers want to call and have their order delivered which comes under convenience category.

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Exhibit 1

        Exhibit 1 shows 77% of all locations offer delivery services. Offering delivery services, as a customer option is a crucial part of pizza industry. In fact, to stay in competition in the market, delivery service is a must have one. Delivery service will satisfy a lot of consumer demands across many regions. Now, let’s analyze how much of profit brings in by delivery service.


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