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Obhr Case Stusy

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OBHR 428

a. I have heard and observed so many instances of cheating by students at Purdue University. Each semester, I at least come across two to three instances of cheating that are either observed by me or heard through my friends. These instances take place not only during the exams but also in various other forms such as in project submissions, online homework, solved past papers and essays etc. Over 10 to 15 instances have been easily heard or observed by me up till know at Purdue.

b. In my freshmen year, I heard from my friend that he saw one guy in his History 104 class cheating during the finals with the help of microprints. All the detailed and essay answers were typed and printed in microprint papers that are very small in size but easy to cheat. My friend told me that this cheat papers were convenient for that guy to copy answers because he kept it in his shirt pocket. One way to prevent this type of cheating is to inform students to wear T-shirts without upper pockets similar to the rule of turning the hat or removing it during exams. This can prevent such type of cheating. Another way is to monitor the entire class with closed circuit cameras, especially during such exams that require students to write long essay answers and the class is very congested. Live video monitoring will prevent such cases of cheating.

c. Electronic devices like cell phones, I-phones and Blackberries are often used to cheat during exams because of the design of the classroom. In classes with large student capacity, students can easily cheat using these devices by hiding them beneath the table or under the exam papers. The apps inside the I-phones and blackberries are well equipped to save power-point slides and word documents which are easily accessible on single click. Sometimes these devices are mistaken by the instructors to be calculators and so it becomes easy for students to cheat. Sometimes devices like calculators


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