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Case Analysis of Entreprenuership

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Discussion Questions

Q1: Why was Menderes Akdag the ideal choice to lead 1-800-PetMeds?? What do you think would you have happened If Dr.Marc Puleo, 1-800-PetMed's founder, would have reminded at the helm of the company himself?

A1: AKdag was the former president of Lens express, one of the first companies to sell contact lens on the internet .He has experienced the exact problem that 1-8oo-petMeds was experiencing and hence he has access to additional know –how, legal maneuvers that can be resulted in regulations that clearly gave patients a right to their prescriptions. He understand how to solve problem by looking at it holistically,. Here understanding consumer rights and educating consumers and remind veterinaries about the laws was the core strategy he applied to solve this problem .

Dr .Mark puleo was an anesthesiologist by profession and he lacked

Prior entrepreneurial experience. New ventures have a high propensity to fail due to liability of newness, which refers to the fact that companies often falter because the people who start the firms can't adjust quickly enough to their new roles and because the firm lacks a "track record" with outside buyers and sellers. . For long term sustainability leader should have some professional and industry experience in the same field. Dr.Mark may able to lead however he may not able to take the company into next level and long term sustainability for his company is a question mark.

Q2: If 1-800-PetMeds had put together a board of advisers when the company was founded , what type of people should it have asks to participate?

A2: We would have selected following roles in Advisory board

1) Adds legitimacy and provides the firm advice on management issues

2) Adds legitimacy and provides the firm advice on marketing (Market research) and product

3) Adds legitimacy and provides the firm advice on Customer support and loyalty building

4) Adds legitimacy and provides the firm advice on Legal issue and regulation

5) Adds legitimacy and provides the firm advice on financial- and management- related issues

We would have selected personal those who are having experience in marketing, finance, legal and customer care and may be working in veterinary hospital chain, Pharmaceutical companies. Government firm as well as legal firm etc

Q3: Why was Eric Schmidt the ideal choice to lead Google?.What do you think would have happened if Page and Brin had refused to hire a CEO?

A3 Eric Schmidt ,a Computer scientist


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