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Comprehensive Sex Education Program

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Sex Education

Comprehensive sex education program that teaches adolescents about abstinence and contraception is the most efficient for young people. Sex education program that centers on persuading young people to stay abstemious can influence a considerable percentage to postpone sexual activity. A precise, fair sex education as well as information about contraception and condoms is an essential human right of youth. Such programs help the youth to reduce their threat of potentially negative results, such as unnecessary pregnancies and STIs. This can also help young people to develop the quality of their affairs and to grow supervisory expertise that will attest vital over their life. Abstinence-only are such programs geared towards preventing adolescents from engaging in any sexual activity until marriage.

In most cases, the program is governed through health subdivisions within each state. Program mechanisms vary from state to state and between service providers within each state. Abstinence-only program is delivered to adolescents through community-based organizations or in schools. Well-liked curricula in this program incorporated; Family Accountability Communication Teen Sexuality (FACTS), Why Am I Tempted (WAIT), Managing Pressures before Marriage, and Choosing Best life among others. The program also supplemented its campaigns through the media, financed by Title V. According to Dr. John Jemmott, this program focuses on strategies on the significance of refraining from sexual activities until marriage, and emphasizing the purportedly destructive physical and psychological consequences of premarital sex. According to his study, sixth and seventh-grade African-Americans who finished the 8 Hr Program that concerned a series of games, were one-third less probably to begin engaging in sexual activities in the next two years as compared to their peers who participated in alike program that targeted health issues unconnected to sex (Hauser, 2007, August 8).

Abstinence-only as an approach to sex education focuses mainly on educating adolescents that abstention from sexual activities till nuptials is the only sure means of guarantee that they avoid infection with HIV, unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Abstinence is also seen as the better option for maintaining sexual health, and it is represented in programs such as True Love Waits and Aspire in US, that intend to educate the youth that they ought to commit to abstention from sex until matrimony. Even though abstinence education programmes are not similar, they share a common deep-seated principle of educating the psychological, health and social gains that are realized by nonparticipation from sexual bustle. Medical Institute for Sexual Health (MISH) stresses that there are some core moral values that are held universally, such as self respect, self-discipline, responsibility, and self control among others, as objectives for curriculum development


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