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Benefits of Comprehensive Sex Education

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Audrey Lynn H

English Com 2

12 December 2015

                        Benefits of Comprehensive Sex Education


                Sex education is a highly debated issue in the school system.  There are many opinions on the matter, but the truth remains that it is an important lesson to be learned. Despite all of the arguments, everyone should agree that a person’s health should be the number one priority. Comprehensive sex education has so many benefits for students, yet there are still opponents to the program. Students in school need to be exposed to this type of a program versus an abstinence only program. The benefits of comprehensive sex education show that it is a vital part of the learning and growing process for students. There are some valid reasons as to why abstinence-only programs are preferred over comprehensive sex education programs. However, there are many research programs that have been set up to show the benefits of a more thorough education programs. The benefit of these programs should make this type of education mandatory in all schools. Sex education should not be a platform for morality when the lack of proper knowledge can deplete the students of so many great benefits. Comprehensive sex education benefits students because it influences attitude and behaviors which leads to healthier self esteem, lower risks of STDS and a decrease in unplanned pregnancy.


An overlooked benefit of comprehensive sex education is the effects it has on a student’s self-esteem. The contribution to higher self-esteem is just one area that the morality debate overshadows for students when it comes to sex education. Studies show a correlation between healthier self-esteem and comprehensive sex education. (University of California) These studies show that comprehensive sex education adds to a student’s sense of self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as the overall evaluation of a person’s self worth.  The lack of comprehensive sex education may lead to students making decisions about their sexual activity that can harm them psychologically. When students are given thorough knowledge about sexual activities they are able to make better decisions. Comprehensive sex education gives students all of the information needed to make the best choices in a situation. Sex education emphasizes self-esteem in students that helps prevent them from making sexually harmful decisions. Focusing on self-esteem within the program is believed to help students make smarter decisions regarding their sexual health. In the long run, this type of education will bolster healthy self-esteem in students. There is an analogy used by the professor that sex education is like preparing a pilot to fly. If you do not give the pilot all the information and there is an emergency, they will be nervous, flustered and either not know what to do or make poor decisions. (University of California) This is a great analogy for sex education and students. By giving students all the information they need, the program is giving them the self-esteem to make the right decisions.


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