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Philosophy Statement on Adult Education

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Philosophy Statement on Adult Education

Educational value is dependant on how a person feels about furthering their education. In the households today families feel a higher degree are of very important. People are training for future careers to increase there monetary value., First, a college degree’s value is measured by the advancement opportunities given to those with a college degree. As an adult or non-traditional student, through personal experience I have come to realize just how important a college education is in today’s workplace. Also, as more technology evolves “employers are placing a higher and higher value on the level of education of their workers. While working towards a degree, the student learns the technology and importance of an education to move ahead and advance in the workplace. The employers of today are placing greater value on a college degree, thus making it necessary for one to continue their education so they will be able to advance in the workplace.

There is monetary value placed on receiving a college degree. With the higher earning potential of a degreed individual versus that of a high school graduate, one can see that a degree pays for itself rather quickly. Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, proposed that people live by a hierarchy of needs. The five levels of this hierarchy of needs are physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization. Maslow never claims money is one of those needs. However, money would help in obtaining or cultivating any of those needs.

There is great value to your degree not only in the monetary aspects but a great boost for self esteem. The monetary value of a degree has a much higher return on the investment made to receive a college degree than that of one who does not pursue their degree. Next, getting a college degree proves dedication and commitment and therefore individuals become more marketable in their career. Sticking with the traditional path to a bachelor’s degree shows dedication and commitment. For adult learners, those factors are even more prevalent. There is also a great deal of personal satisfaction upon completing a degree. This satisfaction comes in different ways for different individuals. A sense of accomplishment and a sense of doing well for themselves are two ways one gets their satisfaction or value from their degree as well.

Finally, a higher education degree makes one more marketable. As stated earlier with the level of technology increasing almost daily, employers are placing more value on the level of education of the individuals they hire, as well as, those who are current employees of their firm. With the attributes associated with attaining a college education, employers are seeing how valuable a college degree is when they are looking at the marketability of the individuals


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