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Communication and Collaboration Strategy

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Communication and collaboration among individuals of different learning styles and personalities is significant not only in educational and professional settings but in the whole of society. Through learning how to effectively work together toward a common goal, it is possible to apply those skills to all aspects of life. Effective communication and collaboration will differ among individuals with different types of each because of different learning styles are often the result of different personalities.

Learning Styles Communication and Collaboration

One of these learning skills is mathematical logical. Mathematical logical may be defined as the ability to calculate the effect of actions upon object or ideas and the relationship among them. People with mathematical logical learning skill may end up in careers as engineers, architects, businessmen, economists, accountants, and computer programmers.

A second learning style is bodily kinesthetic. When they are involved in some form of physical activity rather than sitting at a desk, bodily kinesthetic are able to learn extremely well. People with bodily kinesthetic learning skills may end up in careers as dancing, sports, hands on experimentation, using body language, crafts, acting, and using their hands to create.

A third learning style is interpersonal. An interpersonal learning style communicates well with people, both verbally and non-verbally. People with interpersonal learning skills may end in up in careers in politics, attorneys, teachers, ministers, psychologists, television or radio, and social workers.

In order for these learning styles to communicate and collaborate on a team, they must use their strengths for the other team member's weakness. Mathematical logical strengths are reasoning, recognizing patterns, and analyzing problems. Bodily kinesthetic strengths are a good sense of balance, hand-eye coordination, and using body language. Interpersonal are true people person.


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