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Vistagy Marketing and Communication Strategy

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A proper marketing and communication strategy is essential to a company’s survival. Vistagy is unlike regular brick and mortar or product sales type companies and require heavy and very creative marketing to reach its target customers. Its target customers are in the aerospace, wind energy and the automotive industries and the best way to reach them that is employed by Vistagy uses various communication channels to attain and support the marketing objectives of its sales strategy.

In order to reach its new customers Vistagy employs many different method of communication such as direct phone communication, email, the internet, and trade shows. Vistagy sales force similar to other sales force’s makes cold calls to potential new customers and offers their vast array of services. In companies such as Vistagy there is a good amount of advertising budget because without this budget it is difficult to get their name out and open doors for their sales force. Vistagy’s advertising campaign serves creates awareness of who they are and what they do and is done by ads in industry specific magazine, the internet and other social media outlets. Vistagy also participates in several industry symposiums and exhibits throughout the year such as the National design engineering show held in Chicago. These trade shows are of utmost importance to Vistagy, more than any other ad campaign as this is the place that they can show off their skills and expertise because it is exactly their expertise that sets them apart from their competition. The trade shows are also the first place they can talk to potential clients, understand their requirement and have their design and sales force advice how they can come up with solutions for that client. The trade shows also helps Vistagy re-connect with current clients whom they have a relationship with; it is these clients that Vistagy has helped establish goals and measure results to creating optimized workflows and


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