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Marketing Planning & Strategy

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Marketing Planning & Strategy

SUMMARY: The main objective of this paper is to examine the marketing audit and background research of Subway, a fast-food/takeaway industry. Among other aspects, brief outline about worldwide Subway industry, market analysis of fast-food/takeaway industries, PEST analysis and Subway product life cycles are discussed. To get into more detailed analysis such as consumer analysis, target and market segmentation, pricing strategy, SWOT analysis and competitor analysis, this paper is narrowed down to mainly focus on SUBWAY®restaurant located in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom and the product taken for this analysis is Subway foot long chicken teriyaki sandwich, a popular and most preferred meal in Cirencester area. Some of the key outcomes are that because of health and dietary issues, customer preference towards hamburgers and fried chips are steadily decreasing to favour healthy, fat devoid, fresh sub sandwiches. Moreover, the subway sandwiches are readily made and served in front according to the taste, preference and requirement of the individual customers there by insisting quality and service. The foods offered in subways are made from different combination of meat and variety of salads, thereby increasing the choice and products offered to the customers. Further, subway has been able to absorb credit crunch by offering student discount, cheap meal deal and GBP 4.00 vouchers for any sandwiches bought between 4-8P.M, by these promotions subway restaurants are busy than any other competitors in around Cirencester. Flexible timings (7A.M.-2A.M.) also helps subway to increase sales and attract more customers. The main key issues are the rise in price of food products and recent Irish pork health scar which made the subway sales of pork products such as ham, salami and pepperoni under threat. Finally this paper concludes with the view that Subway meals are more and more of


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