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Egg Boat Marketing Plan

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Egg Boat Marketing Plan

Developing, writing and implementing a successful Marketing Plan starts with solid Industry and Market Analysis this concludes with an implementable Marketing Programs and Marketing Strategy. A Marketing Plan is not developed and implemented independently; it should be developed in close coordination with a Business Plan Products and Services Section which ultimately is implemented through the company's Sales and Strategic Plans. Sierra Boat Company is an existing industry that wants to create and develop a new product called Egg Boats. The product will be the basis for the Marketing Plan which will describe the new product or service. The importance of marketing to the Sierra Boat Company will be explained for the organization's success. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends will be analyzed for the new product. The marketing research approach that will be used to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for this new product will be explained below.

Organizational Overview

Sierra Boat Company is situated on beautiful Lake Tahoe. Sierra Boat Company has a long history or providing outstanding service to their clientele. Sierra Boat Company was established in 1952 and became a dealer for Century Boats. The sales of new boats necessitated strong service operations which employed "skilled craftsmen capable of repairing wood and applying fine varnished finishes, as well as expert mechanics to maintain their engines" (Sierra Boat, 2009). This legacy continues today and even when fiberglass replaced wood in boat manufactures, Sierra continued to maintain its commitment to classic and antique boats. While they continue to service old wood boats such as "Chris Craft, Century, Gar Wood, Hacker and Riva" (Sierra Boat, 2009), they are an up-to-date modern facility as well and can service the newest fibreglass boats, fuel injected engines and stern drives. Sierra Boat owns over 60,000 square feet of building space housing a sales showroom, storage space, parts department, and shops. They have storage space for 120 slips in their marina and over 450 boats. They also have a fuel dock and launch facilities. They offer their customers a full service environment. There is nothing a customer will need for their boat that they cannot provide. Their clients would rather enjoy their summer boating than have to worry about where they need to take their boat for specific services.

New Product Description

The new product for Sierra Boat Company, Incorporated is a drivable Egg boat, which can be driven from land straight into bodies of water without any additional equipment. The Egg is not a classic piece of marine machinery, but it is unique, different and offers a wide range of benefits to Sierra's clientele. The boat is agile and fast both in the


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