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McBride Financial Services - Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan – McBride Financial Services

McBride Financial Services is looking to increase their business as they move into the financial service providing section lending. Based on their website they have a marketing plan put together to target a specific group along with how they plan to advertise in order to get their name and services out to the public.

McBride has a good plan for moving forward in their marketing plan; however there are a number of other avenues that McBride should take. The first course of action McBride needs to do is undertake in a market research survey. This will provide them with the local target areas that have the highest population for their target market. The process of the market research for McBride can be done on a number of avenues. We will only discuss a couple in order to keep the plan simple.

The first avenue in which McBride Financial Services can use is that of electronic media. McBride Financial Services can create a group on Facebook for starters and create a poll on what people are looking for when inquiring about mortgages and home buying as well as what they are willing to pay for such services. This will provide McBride with real time information and assist them in creating the portfolio needed to help their business grow.

Another avenue for McBride Financial Services to take would be to use the conventional market research avenue. This will not provide McBride Financial Services with the real time information; however it will provide them with accurate data that will also go hand in hand with that of the electronic media market research. This avenue will also provide a more targeted area for McBride Financial Services, which is exactly what they will need in order to make their business one that will be recognized in the community.

McBride Financial Services also has the ability to use their own website to conduct a portion of their market research. They can do this by creating a poll on the site that will allow potential customers to provide feedback that will again give McBride Financial Services with the data needed to work with the clients on a more personable level based on the information that each person provides.

As McBride Financial Services moves forward with their


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