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McBride Financial Services Security Policy Case Study

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McBride Financial Services (MFS) is a growing company that provides low cost mortgages to first time homebuyers and homebuyers with credit issues. They are increasing their productivity by allowing customers to complete loan applications online. Since there is only eight locations, customers and brokers would have the convenience of staying in contact with one another through email. Approvals or denials will be made electronically by lending committee. The lending committee members should be able to access applications from any office branch or wherever he or she is located on a daily basis. Each branch network data need to be stored in one centralized branch so that it can be accessed by authorized users.

Roles and Responsibility

With the expansion of the online application service, company security and techniques will need to be implemented. The security policy will recognize that not all employee or outsource vendors will have the same access to the company’s data. Access will be granted based on job title and company policy. This policy will apply to all personnel that login to the company’s system. Moreover, to keep customers personal information out the hands of unauthorized user or disgruntle employees, McBride employees must login using their username and password that the company will issue. For example, would be the username for Joe Brown. Management plays an important role in setting the tone of honoring the security policy, but without their supporting role employees will not take security policy seriously.

Another role to consider is how security is administered throughout the organization. All employees of MFS are required to read, understand, and abide by the Policy. In addition, employees are required to sign security policy and confidential statements. These liaisons can be responsible for educating outsiders as well as monitoring and providing enforcement.

Policy Directives

McBride Financial Services do not want to face a lawsuit from disgruntled clients


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