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Rbci Financial Group Case Study

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RBCI is a huge financial group consisting of various business divisions. It was having an aggressive mode of acquiring business ventures and creating wealth for shareholders. They were also making steps in providing excellent customer relationship. But for new generation it requires new integration. Thus, to create new planning and management among the organization, they moved over Blake Hellam as head of the strategic resource planning and management department. Hellam researched few incapability’s and irregularities among the organization along with inefficiencies which were resulting as huge budget expenses. He planned of working in direction of improving strategic alignment along with creating a useful dashboard mechanism.

Unorganized collaboration:-

RBCI had given their managers independence to run the unit as they wanted but only condition was to deliver a business plan at the end of the year. Under this deal as the managers got a lot of autonomy and were given incentive if performed better. In lieu of attaining targets, every business head started to integrate themselves seeking funding for their own individual departments. Many departments used to work on integrating same software but as there was no collaboration between departments, independent funding was provided to departments individually raising capital expense to perform same task.

Decentralized IS Operations:-

RBCI being a very strong bank continued to acquire many organizations. RBCI had many information systems (IS) operations as its every department used different software and platform making it decentralized. There were also many other new IS operations ready to rollout and come into existence. There was no connection between any IS operations which resulted in high spending cost. Many new acquired companies also performed there operations on different


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